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We believe experiential learning is at the heart of improving healthcare performance. So we’ve developed an enterprise software platform that enables more effective management, delivery and analysis of education programs, allowing you to focus on the most important part of your job – delivering clinical education to improve the lives of patients.

A Smarter End-To-End Clinical Education
And Training Solution

Now Available

Fire in the OR™ Virtual Reality Simulation
Get high quality simulation based training

Now Available

Fire in the OR™ Virtual Reality Simulation
Get high quality simulation based training

Multi-Modality Execution

Manage and deliver all your content, regardless of modality, from one comprehensive platform. Health Scholars® gives you the tools to manage, deliver, and track mobile, desktop, class room, virtual reality (VR) and physical simulations. Blend learning across any modality to achieve the best outcome possible.

Compelling Content

Access to courses, games and simulations that nurses, physicians and team-based staff actually want to take. Health Scholars is a pioneer in bringing VR-based simulation content to healthcare providers.

Education and Simulation Management

Develop, manage and administer courses, curriculum and simulations with tools that help you automate and manage your day-to-day tasks.

Measure Impact

Connect knowledge gained from Clinical Event Debriefs, realtime clinical reporting, peer reviews and RCAs with high-yield vulnerability analysis and real time graphical reporting using our industry-leading analytics tools.

Legal Protection

Your performance improvement data, assessments and training information – including video footage – are protected and non-discoverable as Patient Safety Work Products through our Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

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Our Customers

Our Solutions

Virtual Learning Management

Our Virtual Learning Management solution allows you to blend your organization’s original content via rich authoring tools and leverage our extensive content library to build the most effective education programs in healthcare.

  • Encompasses all learning modalities in one platform, including mobile and VR
  • Aids in the management of course delivery
  • Provides an affordable subscription model

Clinical Education Content

We’ve curated 50+ applications for nurses, physicians and team-based staff. Courses are available individually or as course bundles. View course catalog

  • 21 CE-accredited nursing education applications
  • Clinical simulation courses and device training
  • Critical thinking and procedural games
  • Communication simulations
  • Virtual reality simulation for team-based training

Simulation Management

Our Simulation Management solution is a cloud-based system for managing all aspects of simulation center and healthcare performance improvement programs.

  • Create, edit and run scenarios anytime, anywhere, even from your smart phone
  • Browse and import content from thought leaders in the simulation community via SimCore’s expansive media library to help streamline scenario development
  • Schedule, coordinate and track simulation sessions and resource utilization
  • A/V integration captures physiologic data from all high-fidelity patient simulators regardless of brand
  • Robust learner portfolios, clinical vulnerability analysis and impact analysis
  • Upgrade to include VLE to orchestrate education from pre-learning activities to simulation training

Quality Management

Our Quality Management solution addresses the full breadth of sim scenario design, management, assessment and reporting across a health care network including clinical event debrief tools.

  • Unique PSO protections provide federal legal privilege and confidentiality protections for any patient safety work product
  • Enable real-world input via Clinical Event Debriefs to understand performance gaps and prescribe education to improve quality
  • Aggregate multiple data-rich sources (CQIs/Peer Reviews, RCAs, Clinical Event Debriefs) for analytics and reporting to improve the effectiveness of education initiatives
  • Benchmarking via a national database

A Company For
Healthcare Providers,
By Healthcare Providers

Health Scholars was created in 2017, spun out of OSF Healthcare and their mission to bring healthcare led innovations to market. Health Scholars is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has clinical and support operations embedded in the world-class Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center on the OSF Campus in Peoria, Illinois.

Health Scholars was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized the need to advance immersive education and clinical training effectiveness. Health Scholars’ vision is to develop the industry’s most effective and comprehensive enterprise platform to manage and orchestrate clinical education, disseminate best practices and enable cross-disciplinary collaboration – ensuring our customers can deliver the very best patient care.

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