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These new technologies will remake how education content is provided to clinicians. Health Scholars is about partnering with healthcare providers and their professional staff to continuously improve their ability to serve patients. Our platform, analytics, and VR technologies deliver more impact, at a lower cost, and in less time than anyone thought possible just a year go. The field is moving fast and we intend to lead it.

- Cole Sandau, CEO Health Scholars

The Team

Cole Sandau

Chief Executive Officer

Dustin Parham

Chief Technology Officer

Health Scholars was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized the need to advance immersive education and clinical training effectiveness. Our mission is to improve patient safety via the delivery of experiential learning and advanced simulation to nurses, physicians and team-based healthcare staff via a single, future ready education platform. One that is easy to use, is scalable across a health system, and more effectively manages, delivers and analyzes blended learning programs.

The Health Scholars One™ Blended Learning Platform delivers advanced learning technologies, methodologies and the best mix of modern and engaging content, including virtual reality simulations. It improves the efficiency of delivering blended learning programs, and combined with interactive content solutions, improves the effectiveness of education programs.

Health Scholars is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has clinical and support operations embedded in the world-class Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center on the OSF Campus in Peoria, Illinois.