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Fire in The OR™ Virtual Reality

Affordable, scalable surgical fire training to mitigate risks and reduce liability costs.

Be Prepared for High-Risk Surgical Fires

While surgical fires are lower-occurence, they’re expensive and can lead to injuries – or even death. Training for these high-risk events is critical. Our Fire in the OR virtual reality simulation helps prepare your organization for up to 50% less costs than traditional physical simulation.


Engage learners in real-world scenarios that let them identify risks and safely practice fire management.


Builds muscle memory with psychomotor actions such as removing an inflamed surgical drape which can improve  performance by 250% 1. 1 Sankaranarayanan et al, “Immersive Virtual Reality Based Training Improves Responsive In Simulated Operating Room Fire Scenario” Surgical Endoscopy, January 2018


No OR required. Reduce learner travel time and ease the administrative burden of managing a physical simulation.


Tracks and assesses core competencies to identify skills gaps across your organization.

IT IS AWESOME! You never see this subject matter after school and this is a great refresher delivered in such a cool way. I want to do this for other training too.

- Perioperative RN, Current User

How Fire in the OR Works

Fire in the OR Virtual Reality Simulation is CE-accredited and provides an unmatched level of realism, deliering rich simulation efficiently, cost effectively and at scale. It helps learners:

  • Identify fire risks
  • Safely practice key skills to manage a surgical fire
  • Debrief on actions
  • Understand the causes of operating room fires

It consists of three course modules:


Users learn how to use VR and navigate the simulation

Fire Triad

Users identify items in the OR related to the three parts of the fire triad 3

Fire on a Patient Users manage a fire on a are debriefed on root cause

This activity has been submitted to the Ohio Nurses Association for approval to award contact hours. The Ohio Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. (OBN-001-91). For more information about contact hours please contact Health Scholars’ Customer Success at 720-605-1516.

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