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This episode was recorded at the Health IT Expo.

Julie Reisetter – VP of innovation at UC Health

0:00 Introduction to UCHealth

2:00 Origins of UCHealth and big problems they were trying to solve: Wayfinder into hospital, EMR user experience, VR for training

5:58 Running an innovative company

8:10 How UCHealth finds digital partners

10:30 Goals and milestones for partnerships with tech companies


Borna Safabakhsh – CEO of AgileMD

14:00 Introduction to AgileMD. What is a Clinical Decision Support engine?

15:25 How does CDS integrate into your EMR system?

16:45 Roadmap to partnering with UC Health

18:55 Important differences between early customers for a Health Care IT company

20:21 Quality control for CDS and feedback loops to customize algorithms

22:22 What medium to large companies can gain from managing practice variation


Cole Sandau, Chief Commercial Officer at Health Scholars

23:55 Introduction to Health Scholars. Clinical education and medical simulation: a true blended learning experience in virtual reality.

25:23 What kinds of simulations can doctors use to practice in? Fire in the OR!

28:10 The study published on this scenario had 250% improvement after VR training.

28:40 The ROI of simulating a “Never Event”.

32:28 The visceral experience of a VR. A richer education you’ll never get from a textbook.

35:00 Why abstract concepts and non-repeatable events are best explained in VR.

37:40 How did you partner with UC Health?

39:35 Goals for partnerships and what the future holds.