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Health Scholars’ Simulation Management solutions addresses the full breadth of medical simulation scenario design, management, assessment and reporting across a healthcare network.

  • Cloud-based, IT friendly and securely accessible from anywhere on any device with internet connectivity
  • Work individually or collaboratively on scenario development, even while away from the simulation center
  • Intelligently schedule and manage resources
  • Run in situ sessions anywhere with just a tablet or smart phone
  • Automate tracking
  • Utilize graphical reporting to measure simulation training impact

Key Features

Manage Users

  • Permission-based system contains multiple user roles with customizable privileges
  • Self-registration links
  • Bulk import and LDAP/Active directory capabilities

Access Rich Media

  • Eliminate internet searches and the need to anonymize existing clinical media with access to hundreds of scenario assets
  • Includes radiographs, real-motion ultrasounds, ECGs, educational diagrams.
  • Library grows daily as simulation champions contribute content

Measure Impact

  • Robust learner portfolios, clinical vulnerability analysis, impact analysis and ROI
  • Real-time graphical reporting to measure training impact
  • Individual ACGME milestone tracking across disparate curricula and scenarios
  • Academically robust performance assessment module includes weighted questions, checklists, time evaluation, free text narratives and customizable Likert scales
  • Ability to integrate with Active Directory and SIMstation for A/V capture and Active Directory

Clinical Event Debriefs

  • Facilitate and automate clinical event debrief best practices to prevent accidents before they happen
  • Customize debrief forms to guide facilitator and capture helpful team information
  • Map questions to overarching customized teamwork domains
  • Customize and map questions to overarching teamwork domains

Design Scenarios

  • Streamlined scenario design interface with expansive media library
  • Scenario library with ready-to-use, crowd-sourced scenarios with standardized best practices
  • Create custom scenarios using templated assets and media libraries
  • Build OSCEs
  • Serve all media and labs to any screen-based device or monitor during live sessions

Schedule and Manage Resources

  • View and coordinate multiple sessions across multiple center locations
  • Request staff availability and intelligently schedule session based on staff and resource needs
  • Automatically evaluate for double bookings
  • Integrate with personal calendar programs such as Outlook, iCal, Google

Run Sessions

  • Dynamically serve scenario content and media
  • Simultaneously view video, waveform displays, trend charts, event logs, annotations, checklists

I.D. Systems Issues

  • Identify and solve issues related to system process such as conflicting protocols or equipment issues

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