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Virtual Reality Training

Train effectively. Train often. Save more lives.

ACLS Refresher Training

Learn more about our brand new VR app for Advanced cardiac life support.

Fire in The OR™

See how virtual surgical fire training can improve fire management.

Provide Scalable, Cost-Effective Training

Virtual reality simulation training allows you to deliver consistent, memorable, on-demand training experiences across your entire organization with less overhead.

Improve Patient Safety

84% of learners are better prepared1. Deliver clinically accurate, interactive experiences that improve clinical decision-making, performance and communication skills – and reduce errors.

Scale Experience

250% improvement in learner performance1. Quickly deploy hands-on learning to large learner populations across a hospital network.

Lower Your Costs

Reduce costs by as much as 50%2. Mitigate expensive incidents and reduce liability costs with a solution that’s more affordable than high-fidelity simulation training.

Engage Your Learners

85% of learners prefer VR to other training3. Provide interactive, repeatable training that learners truly enjoy and remember.

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  • 2 This data comes from user participants who responded to the Health Scholars’ Fire in the OR VR simulation user survey (n=34). The survey was completed during beta testing of Health Scholars’ Fire in the OR VR Simulation at three major health care organizations in the United States in 2018.
  • 3 Data from UC Health user trial of Health Scholars Fire in The OR™, October 2018. n = 44

Combat Skills Decay with ACLS Virtual Reality Simulation™

Our newest VR application, ACLS Virtual Reality Simulation, is designed in accordance with AHA guidelines to complement AHA’s HeartCode® training. It instructs participants and validates the competencies needed to diagnose and resuscitate adults with cardiopulmonary arrest and other common cardiac emergencies.

Exclusive Partnerships

  • Fire in The OR™ training now qualifies for a COPIC point.

  • We’re Teaming Up with Russell Phillips & Associates (RPA) to provide the most innovative, blended surgical fire curriculum available.



 The advantages of virtual environments over other immersive learning techniques (including convenience, scalability, and distributability) are undeniable.

- Jeffrey M. Taekman, MD